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At Brian C. Goodman & Associates, we guide small business clients as they establish the solid financial base from which they can achieve their larger strategic goals. We help clients distill financial information from their accounting systems and coach them as they make the data-driven decisions that support their objectives.

Accurate Bookkeeping. Establishing a firm financial foundation begins with accumulating transaction data in an accurate and efficient manner. Our bookkeeping services help gather and organize the data that becomes the information our clients use to make better decisions. 

  • We help evaluate or determine the categories of revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities that match the way our clients manage their business and support the type and accuracy of information they demand.
  • With a useable structure in place, we often assist clients in capturing the data by performing their data entry. No more waiting until the end of the month (or quarter or year) to make records of customer billings and receipts, supplier charges and payments, and employee costs. 
  • In addition to accumulating the data at its source, we offer reconciliation services to ensure our clients’ records match statements from banks and other sources on a monthly basis to ensure all activity is accounted for.

Relevant Accounting. Accurately accumulating transaction data doesn’t aid in decision making until it’s been summarized, reported, and analyzed. Utilizing the sound accounting framework we’ve helped to develop, our accounting services turn data into actionable information.

  • We prepare the core reporting--cash flow statements, income statements, revenue and expense summaries, and balance sheets--that tells the story of what the business has accomplished and where it stands.
  • In on-site monthly and quarterly sessions, we work with our clients to analyze and interpret the business’s drivers, performance, and financial condition. 
  • We understand what our clients want to accomplish, then support their success journey with goals, budgets, and action plans that lead to the desired destination.

Brian C. Goodman & Associates is a full-time business service provider with our main office located in Royersford, PA and a second business, Small Business Accounting, in New Tripoli, PA. We are there when and where our clients need us. 

Financial accuracy and compliance are a foundation for a well-functioning business of any size. Let us help you build that foundation by requesting a Free Consultation below.

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