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Accurate and efficient payroll is crucial to keeping your business on track, but can often be seen as complex and frustrating. Hiring a team member from Brian C. Goodman & Associates PC to set up and manage your payroll services can relieve the responsibility of organizing and fascilitating payroll, saving you time to spend on much more important endeavors, such as managing and expanding your business.

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While payroll can be a menial task, it can often become laborious after having to complete it week after week. Moreover, remaining accurate in light of managing all other portions of your business can get increasingly difficult as your business grows and takes on more employees. Team members from Brian C. Goodman & Associates PC can help clients in Royersford get employees and contractors paid accurately, securely, and on time without hassle.

For new businesses, we help clients set up their payroll service, which includes helping to obtain an employer identification number (EIN), establishing employers with the IRS. This is also necessary for reporting taxes and other documents to the IRS to ensure your business is in complete compliance of current tax laws. Additionally, we help clients obtain the proper state or local licenses required as an employer in Royersford.

We assist clients in proper payroll planning so they can understand the many intricacies that go along with running a business, such as knowing the difference between an employee and an independent contractor since this can change the way employers withhold income taxes for workers. Team members from Brian C. Goodman & Associates PC help get the proper documents to employees, such as the W-4, to ensure they’re registered properly and accurately.

Team members from Brian C. Goodman & Associates PC help businesses set employee compensation terms, which includes managing paid time off, deciding how to track employee hours, and determining how businesses will pay employees for overtime. We help businesses set up health plan premiums and retirement contributions to ensure each employee is taken care of, encouraging employee retention.

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As part of our commitment to efficiency and accuracy, we help businesses set up payroll services through Quickbooks, making it incredibly easy and cost effective to manage employee time cards and issuing paychecks. Additionally, we help decide on a pay period and help clients run their payroll in a timely fashion.

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